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Стиляги, Ноль, Человек и кошка

English lyrics of the song "Man And Cat"
A man and his cat, crying by the window
Grey rain pouring all over the glass
Ambulance is on its way, for the man and cat
That poor man's brain is sick and cramping
The doctor is riding through the snowy plains
Carrying with him the medicinal powder
The man and his cat will take that powder
And their sorrow will be gone, and their anguish too
The man and his cat are counting down the days
Grey ceiling, instead of a blue sky
The man and his cat are flying at night
Only the unprophetic dream doesn't give them wings
Where are you, where are you, where are you white carriage?
The man is shouting, in between the toilet's walls
But the walls can't hear him, pipes run just like veins
And the flush tank rattles, like a crazy heart